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At CellSmart Repairs & Training School, we don’t just teach you how to fix phones, we actually fix phones ourselves. We have been fixing phones for more than 10 years with a full and advanced knowledge of all makes and models and all kinds of issues. So, you can be sure that we are experienced with the hottest models of phone and latest hardware and software issues.

We offer small student-focused classes. That means the instructor is never too occupied with many students and is always nearby to make sure you are understanding the concepts and getting the proper hands-on practice.

We are very hands-on. That means from day one, you'll be breaking phones apart and putting them back together. Both Apples and Androids.

We understand you’ve got a life to manage and a business to run. That’s why we offer convenient weekday and weekend classes.

The course is 4 days long and is held from 11AM to 7PM.

Give us four days and we'll give you a valuable skill you can earn with for life.

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31 West Burnside Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

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